Juridical person: JiangxueYong
Tel: 0086-0571-64171188
Fax: 0086-0571-64171933
Address: No.28 Jianbei North Road Qiantan Town Jiande CityZhejiang Province
PostCode: 311602
E-mail: jiangxueyong@263.net
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      Our company is located in QinTang town of JianDe city in Zhejiang province.

The transportation is conventent due to the nearby national highway NO.320.

      We are speciallized in producing betwood chairs and multilayer Vercer boards.Our products include desk chairs series,Tatami Chairs series and Miller chairs series.We have broad business with clients all over the world such as Japan and USA.
       Wellcome of your enquiry and we are looking forward to our future cooperation.





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